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Using Post & Pre Deployment Scripts

Sometime we may need to do some preprocessing tasks before the MSI Files are imported (in Admin Console) on the QA/Prod Servers.
This my include, but not limited to, creation of Folders for FTP/File Adapters, Building & Installing any assemblies to GAC, moving the necessary dlls to the bin folder etc.

Instead of doing these activities at each time a MSI file is deployed, it can be automated using a Pre/Post Deployment Script.

1. Create a batch file (.bat file) for the pre-processing tasks to be done.
2. Test it and add it the Application in Admin Console in Development Machine. (Right Click on the Application in BizTalk Admin Console -> Add -> Pre/Post Processing Script
3. Export the application to an MSI File.
4. Copy that MSI File to QA/Prod or any other Server and Import the MSI File.

When this MSI File is imported, you observer that the Scripts are execute.

– Shiv


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