BizTalk Server Tutorial

BizTalk Server Concepts and Common Errors

BizTalk Server Advantages – Why BizTalk Server ?

Some of the Advantages of BizTalk Server are listed below –

1. It is basically an Integration server. It helps in Integrating Enterprise Applications at one common point.

2. Solutions can be developed really fast with BizTalk Server. Effort spent will be less.

3. Updates can be handled in an easy way and maintenance will be easy. BizTalk Server supports Versioning of Artifacts.

4. Negative scenarios can be handled easily with BizTalk Server- eg: If some Service is down, we can set Retry Mechanism,

Alternate Transport Mechanism. It even supports service windows. We can take advantage of enlist and stop features and

prevent losing even a single Message

5. Biztalk is designed to operate in Multi Server Environment. We can run the application on various servers to manage load

and Availability.

6. MessageBox DB designed for optimum performance.

7. Advantage for customers on cost saving in terms of developent time.

8. BizTalk has a number of Tools like BRE, BAM, SSO which be effectively used.

9. It can be used to communicate with wide range of Legacy Applications. There is always a scope to develop custom

– This is just a very small description of BizTalk Server from a developer point of view. Still BizTalk has a number of
advantages that can be effectively used.

– Shiv

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