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Configuring/Using SFTP Adapter for BizTalk Server

In Healthcare Integration Projects, vendors prefer to use SFTP over normal FTP for enhanced Security.

BizTalk Server doesn’t include SFTP adapter by default. Though we have the choice of developing a Custom SFTP Adapter, we can go with the SFTP Adapter available in codeplex.

1. The Major step in Using SFTP adapter is to setup SFTP Server on your Dev Machine for Testing.

You can refer this link for more details on Setting up SFTP Adapter .

2. Once SFTP Server is setup, configuring the Adapter is very simple. (Much of the details are available with the documentation given by codeplex)

You will have to configure few of the properties of SFTP Adapter as shown below. (There are still a number of properties that can be configured. But the mandatory ones are listed below.)



Changing the Output Filename in SFTP Adapter:

3. SFTP Adapter from codeplex supports %sourcefilename% macro. You can refer the documentations for more details. This macro can be used to change the output file name.

To do this, for the message that is being sent to SFTP Adapter, add the following property in a Message Assignment Shape and set the SSH Remote Filename Property to % sourcefilename% as shown in above figure.

msgSFTP(FILE.ReceivedFileName) = “YourDesiredFileName.extension”;

Else, we can download and modify the source code as per your wish.

– Shiv

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